One Day Soon

So, I may have mentioned before that I write poetry.  I don’t produce as much as I could/should, but one of my goals this year is to complete a manuscript to publish.  But in the meantime, I wanted to share one written a few years ago.  I hope someone out there can relate.

One day soon, me and God are gonna have a hearty chuckle
We’ll laugh about the things I thought I knew
And we’ll joke about the things I thought I needed
We’ll smile and I might even cry about the things I thought mattered
I’ll know He’s not laughing at me
But if only my eyes could see what He sees
I’ll know He doesn’t want me to relive the pain
But if only I’d remember that He’ll never leave me

And He’ll ask, “Remember the times I spared you?
My grace kept it from being worse.”
And He’ll stop me before I can ask “But why?”
And say, “My ways are higher than yours.”
He’ll remind me again that all things work together for my good
He’ll tell me to trust Him sooner next time
He’ll reveal the confidence I don’t always feel I have
For He made me, fearfully and wonderfully

And He’ll show me why that guy I met never called
And He’ll show me why that guy I went out with never called
And He’ll show me why that guy… well, you get the idea
That job? That move? Not a part of His plan
Hurt? Disappointment? All meant to grow my faith

Yeah, I can see it now
I’ll shake my head at the false starts
I’ll shrug off the early finishes
I’ll recognize the missed doors

And even if there’s one tear left for what I felt I lost
He’ll comfort me as He always has
And even if I still feel wronged
He’ll tell me to make sure my heart is right
And even if I only end up with a cat named Fluffy
He’ll point out the love of family and friends

He won’t let me forget that His love has been consistent
But He’d wish I’d devote myself to grow closer to Him
He’ll give me time to ponder it all
But keep me from beating myself with regret

And I’ll smile and nod and try to hold back the tears
And realize that one day
Is now


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  1. Love it! I’m proud of you for following your passion – and putting it out there. I’m sure great things are in store for you this year.

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